Sunday, March 06, 2005

Inflection Point

I've been blogging for two months now, so I thought I'd take a brief moment to reflect on what I thought this blog might be and what it has become. In other words, time to write my first meta-blog. I had a number of goals in the back of my mind. One of them was simply to write something every day. While there have been a few gaps, especially when I've been away for a weekend (like this one), I have mostly succeeded here. Another goal was to avoid partisan polemics. It's hard for me to judge how well I've succeeded there, but if I have succeeded, then anyone reading me should have some difficulty pigeon-holing me with any of the standard political labels. (Comments?) Yet another goal has been to keep my topics diverse. While the issue of same-sex marriage is much on my mind and my heart lately, I have written 8 articles on that topic, but also have written 9 film, concert, opera, and restaurant reviews, 3 or 4 articles on social security, a dozen on various other political issues (world, national, and state), and occasional other topics (genealogy, Martin Luther King day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, home-cooked meals). I'm pleased, but if I seem to be becoming a one-track on marriage, or if I veer in bizarre directions, feel free to let me know. Yet another goal was to be always substantive. I have endeavored never to write a post that was barely more than a link or a quote, without adding some analysis, rebuttal, or commentary myself. Lastly, I didn't have an explicit goal of getting attention or developing a readership, although it is certainly gratifying to know that the effort I put into this is not just entirely for myself. On that count, I'm very pleased to have what the site-meter tells me is about 20 readers a day, and even more gratifying, to have been blogrolled and linked by a number of fellow bloggers I much respect. So, so far so good. I'm enjoying how it's turning out, and hope that you are enjoying it too!

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john said...

Congrats, Tom. I think that you have a very focused blog; my opinion of UpWord is that you do what you do best, which is penning poignant and well-scribed essays on subjects that matter.

I am going to decide after my 3 month anniversary just what I want my blog to be...i think that I am running out of steam and probably will decide to focus more like you have.

I enjoy reading every post.