Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sometimes Leo Durocher is Wrong

We were hooting and hollering this evening to see Joyce and Uchenna win the Amazing Race. They had been through some trying times prior to the race. Professionally, one had worked for Enron and the other for Global Crossing. (Double ouch!) Personally, they had been unsuccessfully trying to have a child, and had some rocky patches. But they wore their hearts on their sleeves, worked together and grew stronger through the race (an experience that can bring couples together, or tear them apart), played a clean game and treated all their other competitors with kindness and respect throughout. When other teams lost all their money, Uchenna and Joyce helped them out. When an older couple was struggling with a physical task, Uchenna gave them a hand and words of encouragement. In contrast, Rob and Amber were ruthless, stealing other team's taxis, lying, conning, and at one point driving right past another team who had overturned their car in the middle of the African desert and had an injured passenger. Thus, we relished watching them falter at the end and come in second place. Sometimes Leo Durocher is wrong, and the nice guys do finish first!

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