Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Gay Marriage Not News to LA Times

For some reason, it seems that gay marriage legislation isn't news to the LA Times. Last week, the California Assembly came close to passing a gay marriage bill, the first time that a gay marriage bill has made it to the floor of any state legislature. The Sacramento Bee gave it a full article, but in the LA Times, it was buried down in a brief mention in the 6th paragraph in an article about an ammo ID bill. It didn't even warrant a sub-head. Then, Switzerland, in a national referendum, approved a form of same-sex civil unions. (Thanks to Finocchio for pointing it out.) The Times had a brief mention of another referendum in the same election where the Swiss agreed to scrap passport checks with their European neighbors, but narry a mention of the civil unions referendum. What's the story with the non-coverage?

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