Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Blogday To Me!

When I was writing about my experience with New Years resolutions, how could I have forgotten the resolution I made last year? I had resolved to start a blog and try to write something every day. I began my blog on January 5, 2005. While I didn't write absolutely every day, I am quite satisfied with my first year of blogging. I wrote 238 articles, so that's about 2 days out of 3. My traffic counter (which goes back not to the very beginning, but pretty early on) shows that I've had 5,330 visitors to my blog, with 7,614 page views (that's averaging 9 visitors/day, and 14 page views/day). My highest traffic was actually in my first week, when I had an early article linked by Andrew Sullivan. Since then, I've got a handful of people who come to the blog on some regular basis, and I get over two-thirds of my visitors from search engines. I'm also honored to be "blog-rolled" on a half-dozen other blogs. It's been a fun adventure, and I look forward to continuing to lift the world just a little bit "upword", one blog at a time.

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KipEsquire said...

Congratulations! Keep up the great blogging!