Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Cartoon Backlash

This cartoon backlash has become appalling. Those who are attacking Danish embassies, and especially those who are attacking merely anything European or Christian, they are compete barbarians. No possible cartoon could justify such a response. The Danish (who as Andrew Sullivan points out, have a long history of courageous and moral action) have nothing to apologize for. I went out today and bought some Havarti cheese, just to show a token of support. (Justice never tasted so good. :-)) The Danes deserve better. Maybe it's time I should start wearing a watch again, and I've always admired the clean lines of Skagen. (For ideas how you can show support to the Danes, see here. At least buy a sixer of Carlsberg.)

I'm also thankful to Wikipedia for being willing to republish the cartoons. Nearly all of the media here in the US have been too squeamish to do so. (It's okay to publish leaked government secrets that might compromise national security because freedom of the press demands it, but it's not okay to publish newsworthy cartoons because some people might be offended. Hmmm.)

At the same time, I should also be clear that, just as some prominent hooligans are wrong to hold all Denmark responsible for the actions of one newspaper, I for one do not hold all Muslims responsible for the actions of the hooligans. Some hopeful signs: An al-Jazeera online poll asking "Are consumer boycotts against countries an appropriate response to publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad by newspapers?" currently has a small majority (53%) saying no. At least some American Muslims recognize a mountain being made of a molehill. And lastly, buried down in a NYTimes article, I read that while Lebanese Muslims were torching Christian neighborhoods in Beirut, Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader, went to the only Catholic church in Gaza and publicly condemned any threats against the Christians. That was the most hopeful thing I read all day.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, the good news brings hope for me too..

as a muslim, i constantly worry bout the future,
can i practice in freedom, and can i be accepted as who i am?

its hard, as A LOT of misguided and lost (not forgetting desperate) of my own brothers and sisters escape to a twisted reality that changes the basic rule of morality; where killing in random is justified, suicide is praised..its RIDICULOUS!!

its TOTALLY againts ISLAM and any religion!!

i am ashamed, but honestly; i am worried for these ppl. They are so desperate, what drove them to such extreme? they are insecure and has been given a deaf ear for decades, now they are growing bigger and getting influence by their notoriority.

im more worried bout the women, and children of the war zones, they r looking for help, someone who can stand up for them. These terrorist do that, thats why they get support.

I dont have a solution, all i have is my principles. I celebrate Christmas, i fast on the days Jews fast, I get teary eyed thinking bout our shared history. I join the lantern march with my Buddhist frens, and proud that my own great grandparents was Hindu-Bhuddist. And i have pondered more than i should bout the evolution of mankind that i can be comfortable with my atheist friends too.
My principle is treat others as u would want to be treated. Extremism has no place in my country.., my religion and my heart..

now i am in Australia, and ppl see me as an alien, wondering if my religion has a twisted view of the basic moral and human law, between what is good n evil. i find it hard to get a conversation with strangers,let alone be looked straight in the eye..

its sad, an honest faith is overtaken by an image of violence and crazy frenzy..a hijack that costs me many sleepness nights,

I wish more ppl have the sense for tolerance and moderation