Thursday, March 23, 2006

Shakespeare Quest

Blogging has been light lately, and one of the distractions has been planning a unique celebration taking place later this year. My friend Dennis and I are nearing the completion of a 15-year quest to see all of Shakespeare's plays. We don't know how unusual an achievement it is, but it is certainly unique in our acquaintance. I have created a web page that documents our quest, including a few FAQs and a complete chronology. We will be completing our quest in September in Stratford-upon-Avon. Our last missing play will be Troilus and Cressida. We used to speculate about what the last play would be, but we never would have guessed Troilus. We thought for sure one of the more obscure histories, like King John or Henry VIII. But no, we caught those years ago. Theatre, like life, defies augury. (Yes, that's an allusion.)

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Alan K.Farrar said...

Sorry, but you have to add at least part of Thomas Moore, the play!
I think it is a fairly unique experience you have had and am deeply envious.
Well done.