Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol - America Blows It

So far this season, the voting on American Idol hasn't been too unreasonable, but last week, the voters went totally off the rails when they booted Michael Johns, and tonight was one of those nights where we really wanted to throw a brick at the TV. Sending Carly Smithson home this week was just wrong, wrong, wrong. She totally deserved to be in the final three with the Davids. And this week of all weeks, when she totally rocked, and when a couple of the other performances were notably obviously weak. And neither did Syesha deserve to be in the bottom two. If there were any merit to it, it would have been Jason and Brooke in the bottom two, and Jason going home. I think Brooke is really talented and unique, but she's been losing her nerve lately. Last night, even after the false start, she just didn't connect with her song. (I think it was tacky that in the recaps and stuff, all they focused on was her false start.) But Jason, ugh. Simon was right, he was like some wedding singer being asked to sing a song he doesn't really know and doesn't really like. It was just painful. In general, while I think Jason's got a certain distinctive style to him, a lot of his performances are just kinda flat for me. He was awesome doing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" way back when, and his Israel Kamakawiwo'ole-style "Over the Rainbow" was good too, but there's been a lot of flat in between. It should have been Jason this week. Carly, we'll miss you, we'll download you, and hope to hear more of you!

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