Friday, May 23, 2008

Rosemary Chevre Gelato

I have rhapsodized before about the wonderful market-fresh flavors at Pazzo Gelato in Silver Lake. This evening, Pazzo had rosemary chevre gelato. The rosemary chevre was divine. The lightly sour-salty goat cheese was marvelously blended with aromatic rosemary resins. The cheese flavor was up front, and the aromatic herb was on the finish like a good retsina. I paired it with a deliciously molassesy moscovado rum raisin, its dark sweetness a perfect balance to the savory herbed chevre.

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Author said...

Hi Tom,

If your ever up in Altadena be sure and check out Bulgarini Gelato. The Italian guy that started the place went all over Italy looking for how they used to make it from the finest only-natural ingredients. He makes both gelato and granitas. Un-be-leivably yummy.

Mad Geo