Friday, September 12, 2008

Weapon of Moose Distraction

Tonight, like most Friday nights, my husband and I had dinner in our favorite neighborhood restaurant, a little Mexican restaurant in a strip mall with about a dozen tables. It's usually buzzing on Friday nights, and if you don't get there by 7pm, you'll often end up waiting outside. So as we were enjoying their fabulously fresh guacamole and talking about friends and work and weekend plans, I was catching random bits of conversation from the din of other tables around the room, and I remarked on a sudden realization. "George," I said, "I think we are the only two people in this whole place not talking about Sarah Palin." At which point, we too started talking about Sarah Palin. Granted, she finally gave her first interview last night, in which she performed as pretty much everybody expected. Since she's a partisan Rorschach test, those who were predisposed to find her utterly incompetent found much support for their view, as did those who were predisposed to think she's the savior of the GOP. Perhaps the only accurate read is from the few Republicans without scales on their eyes. To me, the only surprise was that Charlie Gibson stepped up. But, darn it, we shouldn't even be talking about her. We ought to be talking about McCain and Obama. This weapon of moose distraction is working. Must. Stop. Talking. About. Sarah. Palin...

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