Monday, February 09, 2009

FILM: He's Just Not That Into You

I enjoyed the "anti-rom-com" He's Just Not That Into You, a cute funny film illustrating Dan Savage's dictum that "every relationship you ever have will fail, until you find one that doesn't". The tangentially interwoven tales of women seeking romance humorously poke fun at all the stories we like to tell ourselves to survive the ordeal of dating, agonizing over "does he really like me?" and "when is he going to call?". The film purports itself to be an "anti-rom-com", and it does have its fun puncturing romantic notions, but in the end it's a rom-com after all. The film features a great ensemble cast of big stars and up-and-comers. Ginnifer Goodwin is charming as Gigi, the perennially-hopeful-despite-being-repeatedly-dumped girl, and Justin Long is equally charming as Alex, the cynical guy who keeps telling her how to tell when a guy is "just not that into you". We begin with Gigi falling hard for Conor (Kevin Connolly), who's just not that into her, because he really wants Scarlett Johanssen, who's blowing him off because she felt a spark in a grocery line with Bradley Cooper, who's married to Jennifer Connelly, who is office girlfriends with Gigi and Jennifer Anniston, who has everything but a ring with Ben Affleck, meanwhile Drew Barrymore convinces Conor (a realtor) to advertise in the gay weekly and pick up the business Baltimore's gentrifying gays. Needless to say, amusing comedy ensues. Nothing profound here (one can't expect profound films in January), but some good laugh-out loud moments.

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