Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Traditional values in Canada

As Canada's parliament considers the equal marriage question, Canada's largest Protestant denomination weighs in. The open letter to members of Parliament outlines why the United Church of Canada welcomes equal marriage, a decision that was reached "not by abandoning Christian faith, tradition, and values, but by implementing them." It's worth reading the entire letter, but here is one choice paragraph among many:
Some will protest that we must have faith in the Bible, and that the Bible takes an unfavourable view of intimate same-sex relationship. But I would answer that Christian faith is not an uncritical repetition of a received text. It is a mindful commitment to the power of love, to which the text seeks to give witness. Every generation of the Christian faith must decide how they will honour that demand of love in the living of their days. Changing circumstances and changing ideas are not the enemy of faith.

I guess some tradition-loving "conservatives" can support gay marriage after all.

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john said...

And which tradition-loving conservative are you referring to? Not our wonderful Dr. Keith would it be?

For a philosopher, I don't know how he could be so blind to the re-interpretation of our traditions as morality, ethics and humanity evolve.