Monday, October 17, 2005

FILM: In Her Shoes

Last weekend, we saw In Her Shoes. I'd heard a very good review from Joe Morgenstern (KCRW / Wall Street Journal) who said that Cameron Diaz has gone to a whole new level of acting, and we would have to agree. This movie was excellent -- an original and engaging story, outstanding performances, and a very emotional ride. Bring your handkerchief. (It's definitely a "chick flick", meaning that it is a film for women and for sensitive men. But then the film is about relationships, sisters, and shoes. Need I say more?)

All three stars were superb -- Shirley Maclaine as the alienated grandmother with both hard and soft edges, Cameron Diaz as the blonde floozy who finally learns a few things, and Toni Collette as the plainer and more responsible sister who has her own issues to deal with. Many of the other roles were well-cast and memorably performed, including the "good" boyfriend, the hen-pecked father, the step-mother from hell, Mrs. Lefkowitz (the grandmother's feisty friend), and an old professor (a charming balance of gentle grandfather crossed with John Houseman from The Paper Chase). With some marvelous lessons about family and forgiveness, this was a perfect film for the Jewish high holy days season.

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