Thursday, October 27, 2005

So What Does She Talk About Anyway?

While it is not entirely surprising that Harriet Miers has (or was) withdrawn, I gasped with incredulity when I heard on the radio that Miers and Bush had "never before discussed the option of withdrawal". This woman is amazing. She spends an entire career in the practice of law, has close friends who are judges, was involved in politics, and yet if we are to take her at face value, she had never once had a discussion with anyone about Roe v. Wade, nor apparently discussed or formed opinions about any Supreme Court decisions. Practically every Joe and Jane with a blog has an opinion about some Supreme Court decision, but Harriet Miers has never even discussed it. And now, with the drums beating for weeks for her withdrawal, we are told that she and President Bush had never discussed the option. So the burning question on my mind: just what does this woman talk about with her friends? The Houston Astros? Desperate Housewives and America's Next Top Model?

As to what happens next, I think Kip's read is as good as any. Edith Clement has the New Orleans angle, she's got the experience, the conservatives are confortable with her (I think?), and yet she doesn't seem quite the fire-breathing ideologue of say a Janice Rogers Brown. Stay tuned.

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