Thursday, February 03, 2005

Are Democrats for anything?

Having just blasted The Anal Philosopher for his bad rhetoric, I should concede that I find some kernel of truth in what he wrote. Sadly, I fear that there are those who so despise President Bush that they couldn't bring themselves to approve any action of his, even if he were to propose the Equal Rights Amendment, massively progressive tax reform, or reparations for slavery. (Likewise, there are those who are so partisan toward President Bush that they can brook no criticism of him nor admit any mistake. It runs both ways.)

The good professor makes a more substantive (less psychologizing) claim here:

Liberals no longer stand for anything. They stand against President Bush.
If I narrow his broad brush to interpret "liberals" as meaning more specifically the Democratic leadership, then the pablum offered by Minority Leaders Reid and Pelosi in the response to the State of the Union address would provide good evidence for this.

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