Monday, February 28, 2005

Just a Number

Just back from a weekend up in the local mountains to celebrate my birthday. (As my still-young parents remind me, "it's just a number.") When I was younger, I'd get in many days of snowboarding each winter. I hate to admit it, but 2 years ago I only saw a single day of snow, and last year we didn't get up to the snow at all. So I thought getting back on the board would be a good way to celebrate my birthday. With all the rains we've had in southern California, the local mountains have a bounty of snow. I'm happy to say it was great to be back on the board again, and I still retained some of my youthful enthusiasm ("This lift is closing in 15 minutes? Okay, I can get 2 more runs in!"). I also have to admit that I was feeling it the next day. I think if George and I went for a full week of skiing again, every other day would be a "spa day". But I'm certainly content. We came home in time to have a birthday dinner with my family at a local Indian restaurant, and it's been another great birthday.

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Kevin Ray said...

Happy Birthday, Tom! What a wonderful way to celebrate.