Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Today is the birthday of a great friend (who shall remain nameless and ageless) who has informed me that he has given up birthdays. He says he has resolved to eliminate things that do not improve his life, and he's decided that birthdays fall in that category. I'm not so sure. As my mother says on her birthday, "it's only a number." And another occasion for the whole family to get together, which is always a good thing. (Maybe my friend will rediscover that benefit when his little girls are old enough to celebrate Daddy's birthday.) For me, birthdays are always an occasion to reflect on the prior year of my life, with gratitude for all the good things in it, and to look forward hopefully to another. But for today, I'll just think fondly of my friend and wish him all the best on this day which is no longer his birthday. Happy Wednesday, amigo, and may you have 365 more good days for no particular reason!

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