Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Partway Thoughts - After Godric's Hollow

(Semi-spoiler alert. I've read up to page 350.) Oh God. Things are looking grim. Ron's gone off and now Harry's wand's broken. And there's only 400 or so pages left to find and destroy all those horcruxes, defeat V and his Death-Eaters, and right the world, not to mention tie up all the loose ends. The broken wand is frightening, but intriguing. Does he somehow get a replacement wand? (I suppose Dumbledore's may be available, if he can get it.) Though it may well be that Harry doesn't actually destroy V in a magic duel. It may be that V destroys himself, similar to how he nearly did so 16 years ago. I think Harry's got some new super-Protego charm on him given by D when he died.

And what's up at Hogwarts? The magical school refused to recognize Umbridge as headmistress, locking her out of the head office, but Snape seems to be able to get in there. And what was up with Snape "punishing" the kids who tried to steal the sword by sending them into the forest with Hagrid? That's very curious. Maybe Ginny and crew (abetted by Snape!) are finding and destroying a horcrux of their own?

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