Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Partway Thoughts - After Lovegoods

(Semi-spoiler alert. I've read up to page 424. Just escaped being caught at Xeno Lovegood's.) Well, several of my theories shot down. The sword wasn't in the snitch (so what is then?). The wand-thief was an unforeseeable curve ball. And Harry's got a new wand (although it's dicey). (Speaking of wands, what does V intend to do about making new ones, now he's gone and killed all the good wand makers?) Dumbledore's wand was elder wood, wasn't it? Did Dumbledore take The Wand from Grindelwald? Though if Grindelwald had The Wand, then how did he lose the duel to D? Where is Dumbledore's wand now? Is it in his grave? Will it reveal itself to Harry?

It seems the Deathly Hallows might exist. So where is the stone? Had Dumbledore found all three?

Still huge amounts to be done, but things are looking more hopeful. It feels like we've come up past the low point. So whose Patronus is a doe?


Anonymous said...

I've Read the whole book and i just got it like min. 5 days ago!!


Jesse11 said...

^ (points up) that me BTW

Jesse11 said...

Relly good book if i say so myself!!

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