Sunday, June 01, 2008

FILM: Sex and the City

We saw Sex and the City last night with a bunch of friends (at the Americana, natch) and it was a hoot. We loved it. In fact, a couple of our friends had seen it on Friday night and were happy to see it again with us the very next night. I think we'd see it again. It was nothing profound, mind you, and much of the plot was fairly predictable. (In the film, Carrie Bradshaw is working on her latest book, this one about Love and what it's like having found it. I don't have high expectations that she'd have much to add to the classical canon that is alluded to in the film.) None the less, it is delightful to see the girls go through all their amorous antics, and to see how their lives have unfolded three years after the TV series left us off. (I should note that it's not crucial to have seen the TV show. George and I had only seen it a few times, never having had HBO, and we still loved the movie.) It had some great laughs, and it had a few touching moments, and everything in between was as fun as a New York cocktail party. The actresses were all in top form, and the characters were as fresh, funny, and sassy as we fondly remembered them, not to mention over-the-top coutoured and accessorized.

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