Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Don't Always Agree With Andrew

While I think Andrew Sullivan is brilliant, and his is the first blog I read every day, I don't always agree with him. After reading his praise of Starbucks' new petite vanilla scones (which he put as superior even to the toffee almond bar), I thought I'd give them a try. I like scones, and the idea of a petite pastry was appealing, since the delight of the blueberry oat bar, the maple oat nut scone, or the toffee almond bar are calorie splurges I reserve for a rare occasion. But these? How can they even call these scones? (You'd think Andrew, a born Brit, would know better.) Scones are firm and flaky. These are soft cakey things with a bit of icing on them. If I'd wanted a madeleine, I'd have bought a madeleine (which have been on offer for a long time). Sorry, Andrew, but this so-called scone doesn't touch the toffee almond bar.

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