Sunday, June 15, 2008

June! Peaches!

June means many wonderful things at the local farmers' market, but in our own backyard June means peaches. We have a wonderful Tropic Snow peach tree that has been a reliable and early producer every year since we planted it. I like to say that it blooms out on Martin Luther King Day, and we have peaches for Memorial Day, which we really did one year, though it's usually a week or two after for the fruit. The fruit is a white freestone peach, sweet and very juicy. The tree has always been a prodigious producer, though in the early years, our peaches were closer to golfballs in size. We tried thinning them early, but it didn't seem to help. This is the first year the peaches have grown to a really good size.

When the peaches are in, they're in, so for a couple of weeks, it's lots of fresh peaches, peach cobblers, peach compote, and still giving away plenty to friends and family. And of course Sundays in June mean peach waffles. My husband always makes us a wonderful hearty breakfast on Sundays, but the June Sunday breakfasts are special treats.

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